Kanto Unyu Co., Ltd. Nippon Unyu Co., Ltd. Nippon Container Terminals Co., Ltd.
1920 The marine transportation business department of Asano Family Shipping Co., Ltd. made independent from the head office.
Kanto Unyu Co., Ltd. established, started land and sea transportation
1946 Launched port transportation business Inherited the Transportation Activities Department of Kawanishi Warehouse Co., Ltd. (Kobe, Japan)  
1948   Started ship loading and unloading operations  
1949 Started shipping agent services    
1951   Launched port transportation business  
1963 Opened warehouses    
1967     「Nippon Container Terminals Co., Ltd.」established.
1968 Merged with NYK Transportation Co., Ltd. (established 1929)
Renamed as Kanto NYK Unyu Co., Ltd.
1969 Started container terminal operations at Honmoku Berth A-7   Began servicing the “North America/California” lines of NYK and the Showa Marine Transportation Group (including the first Japanese full-container ship, the “Hakone Maru”).
1971   Started container freight station business at Container Terminal Berth No. 3 on Kobe Port Island  
1972   Started container terminal operations on Kobe Port Island  
1973   Started CFS operator business at Container Terminal Berth No. 4 on Kobe Port Island  
1974 Started container freight station business at Ohi Pier Opened L-5 office on Kobe Port Island Moved Tokyo operations to current location in Berth No.6 at the Ohi Pier of the Tokyo PortTerminal Corporation.
1975 Started container terminal business at Ohi Pier (No. 7)    
1978 Started Ohi Refrigeration Office    
1982 Opened Omori Heiwajima Warehouse   Moved Kobe operations to Berth No.11 at Port Island of the Kobe Port Terminal Corporation.
1987 Started operating Ohi Logistics Center    
1989 Merger between Kanto NYK Unyu Co., Ltd. and Nippon Unyu Co., Ltd. merged. Renamed as “UNI-X Corp.” Founded “Yu-Tai Engineering Co., Ltd” in Taiwan.
1991 Capital increased to 934 million yen. Founded 100% affiliated company, “Japan Repair Service Limited” (Changed to Japan Meninteance & Repair Co.,ltd (JMR) in 2017.)
1992 Opened the Port Island Logistics Center Office  
1993 Opened the Aomi Office  
1994 Started terminal and CFS operator operations at Kobe Rokko Container Pier, Piers 6 and 7 Moved Kobe operations to Berths Nos. 6 and 7 at Rokko Island of the Kobe Port Terminal Corporation.
Opened Fukuoka Office in Kashii Container Terminal of Hakata Port.
1995 Started operating Tokyo Logistics Center Office Opened Aomi Office in Aomi Container Terminal of Tokyo Port.
1996 Started operating Daikoku Logistics Center Office  
1997   Started Sendai Office at Sendai Port Takasago Container Terminal
1998 Opened the NYK Tokyo container terminal and started operator business Extended Tokyo operations to Berth No. New-7 at the Ohi Pier of the Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation.
Opened Yokohama Office in Daikoku Container Terminal of the Yokohama Port Development Public Corporation.
2000   Started Hitachi-Naka Office
2003 Opened Daikoku RO/RO Terminal Started Okayama Office at Mizushima Port International Container Terminal
2004 Opened the Funabashi Office Opened Hiroshima Office
2008 Authorized as an AEO authorized warehouse operator  
2011 Recognized as an AEO-certified customs broker  
2012   Started Naha Office
2013   Started Akita Office
2015 Started container terminal operations at Minami Honmoku Berth MC-3  
2017   Started Tomakomai Office, Started Kumamoto Office
2019 Merger between UNI-X Corp. and Nippon Container Terminal Co., Ltd. merged. Renamed as “UNI-X NCT Corp.”