Container terminal/Obvious “NYK pride”

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • No. 1 in the Tokyo Area!
    Speedy container terminal
    Our advanced gate system reduces your shipping time to deliver the fastest conveyance (carry out 42 minutes, carry in 55 minutes).
    * Average Wait Times at the Tokyo Port Container Terminal as reported by the Tokyo Trucking Association (May 2015)
  • Expanded terminal operations in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe with our own logistics facilities located nearby
    We provide excellent logistics bases in the Keihin and Hanshin areas.
  • Eco-friendly container terminals
    We have reduced CO2 emissions by using RTG hybrids and the first three-dimensional storehouses in the industry (Ohi terminal).

We have a great deal of pride. Pride in leading on-site operation for NYK. Pride in supporting in-and-out logistics at sea gate in Japan. We commit to achieving safe and highly efficient operations in the terminal.

Operation with ship cargo handling for automobiles/The world's largest specialist in shipping automobiles

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • Unsung heroes that support NYK – the shipper with the No.1 share in the global auto shipping market
    Not only does our parent company constantly maintain its lead role in providing ship cargo handling for automobiles, NYK also implements world-class work safety standards.
  • Capable of handling a wide variety of cargo
    In addition to shipping finished automobiles, we provide shipping methods for other types of cargo, non-self-propelled cargo and other heavy cargo, according to the type of cargo in question by using special cargo handling equipment such as Murphy trailers.
  • We conduct advanced services at the Port of Kobe
    We offer you a through logistics service at the port of Yokohama and Kobe including storage, customs clearance and shipping. If you use NYK vessel in Kobe, we furnish you with pre-receipt service at Pier S in Rokko Island, which releases you from the hassle of rescheduling.

We handle RoRo operation with the utmost care to ensure that any vehicle remains undamaged. We try our best to enhance customer satisfaction based on our experience and know-how accumulated over half a century.

Conventional cargo/The shining skill of a professional

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • Established 1920 – We established conventional cargo handling
    Since our founding more than 95 years ago, we have accumulated solid knowledge and experience and can provide advanced cargo handling services.
  • From general cargo to heavy cargo
    We can handle a wide variety of cargo types, including special cargo at the Ports of Yokohama and Kobe.
  • For safe cargo loading and unloading
    We strive daily to raise safety awareness to ensure the safe and reliable loading and unloading of your cargo.

Our foreman supervises any ship and cargo operation in a professional manner i.e. our foreman takes care of cargo loading plan, seaworthy lashing plan and so forth to ensure that your precious cargo remains safe and secure on a voyage.

Coastal feeder service/Excellent performance on the Seto Inland Sea

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • Mizushima × coastal container feeder = UNI-X NCT
    ~ No.1 Mizushima Port Coastal Container Feeder Share ~
    We free you from the hassle of scheduling with 3 trips between Kobe and Mizushima weekly (12.5 trips per month) on scheduled days of the week.
  • Flexible shoring at the coastal berth our company operates!
    We can suggest the ship schedule most convenient for you.
  • The coastal berths adjacent to
    Kobe and Rokko RC6-7 provide smooth connections!
    Conveniently located one minute from RC6-7, the berth helps reduce your wait time.

You can see our excellent performance on the Seto Inland Sea. It is only UNI-X NCT who arranges a container barge service on the Seto Inland Sea. At first glance it’s just a barge, but in our hands, it’s been transformed into a container ship!
And just leave it to us if you need more destination other than the Seto Inland Sea. You can also consider utilizing our coastal feeder service to Nagoya, Tokyo, and locations in Kyushu.

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