Heavy weight cargo

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • We can ship anything!
    We can coordinate shipments and the work required regardless of size or weight.
  • No unnecessary intermediate costs!
    Achieve cost savings through the effective use of our port facilities.Our own port facilities
  • UNI-X NCT takes care of all billing and lading!
    UNI-X NCT B/L is available even for high & heavy cargo up to final delivery point.

UNI-X NCT takes care of your high & heavy cargo in a professional manner on the basis of a through process starting from the initial planning up to attending at destination for final delivery.

Shipment in the past: boats, plant cargo, construction machinery, trucks, machine tools, aircraft simulators, and so forth.

Shipping to niche areas. / We can deliver your cargo to hidden lands.

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • Transportation to landlocked countries
    We provide full shipping services even to landlocked countries like Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, and nations in inland Africa.
  • Leave ODA shipments to us
    We also have a lot of experience with ODA projects by the Japanese government.
  • Information about the destination
    With strong ties to leading international forwarders, we can provide information about the destination of your cargo.

Experience shipping to major landlocked nations:
Laos, Iraq, Mongolia, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Chile, and more

Providing detailed information through our global network, we can eliminate any concerns you may have about shipping to inland destinations.

Apparel distribution / We support your desire to “manufacture”

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • We can handle complicated tasks!
    Our expertise allows us to quickly process shipments even those subject to Article 8 requirements.
  • One contact point for any port!
    We can handle all your diverse needs right here from Tokyo.
  • We can assist you starting with export from the country of manufacture!
    We can help reduce time costs and manpower at time of import. Leave the details of import/export to us.

We can reduce the burden and time costs for customers who need to meet complicated requirements such as provisional Article 8 requirements, FORM-A and EPA for customs clearance of apparel.

  • Food Logistics
  • General/Oversize Cargo Logistics
    • Customs Clearance・Food application Service
    • Warehouse Service
  • Stevedoring
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Bonded Warehouse