General, constant temperature, and constant humidity storage / Take advantage of the value of storage!

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • Ohi Logistics Center
    Specializing in imported foods for 20 years
    With many years of knowledge and experience, we are familiar with managing the shelf life and controlling the temperature specific to certain foods.
  • Ohi Logistics Center
    Keep quality at a constant humidity
    The constant humidity freezer is perfect for storing products sensitive to temperature changes, such as high-quality wines.
    * Scheduled to start operation in April 2016
  • Rokko Logistics Center
    We can also handle long term storage of large cargo
    We can carefully store your valuable goods for you on a long-term basis.

We also handle foreign cargo inspections (plant and animal inspections, customs inspections, etc.) in bonded warehouses at major ports in Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe).
You can use our extensive warehousing services, inclusive of supplying inventory information with you via Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) in the Ohi Logistics Center. Joint delivery and distribution processing is also available.

The Port Island distribution center is a wholly-owned warehouse located in the center of Port Island where many Chinese ships call to port.

Examples of cargo stored in temperature-controlled warehouses: wine, chocolate, soy, rice, flour raisin pasta, and more

Chilled / Leave fruits and vegetables to us

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • Daikoku Logistics Center
    Check based on cargo volume and characteristics
    8 large, medium, and small warehouses
    Cargo is stored in 160-, 80- or 40-square meter storehouses according to factors such as whether it has strong smell or produces ethylene gas.
  • Daikoku Logistics Center
    Storage in special Grade A fumigation warehouses
    We can store fruit and green vegetables in highly air-tight containers and fumigate for a minimum 2 hours.
  • Daikoku Logistics Center
    REEFER outlets equipped
    We can maintain container temperature between unloading the container and storage in a warehouse even in the case of a conventional chassis.

Thorough temperature management maintains the quality of your valuable goods. You can also secure a small 40-area storehouse for your own exclusive use.

Examples of cargo handled: pumpkins, onions, apples, citrus fruits, grapes, avocados, sake, cheese, flowers, and more

Frozen / From port to market

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • Ohi Refrigerator
    Access to good ports and markets
    Next to Ohi Container Terminal / About 30 minutes to Tsukiji fish market / About 30 minutes to Toyosu new market / About 10 minutes to Ota Shijo
  • Ohi Refrigerator
    Located at the Tokyo Marine Terminal
    Our refrigerator also plays a role in integrating refrigerated warehouse companies.
  • Ohi Refrigerator
    Suitable for plant and animal quarantine
    We can also obtain animal quarantine specifications and handle livestock.

With an extensive track record accumulated over many years, we can also handle over 100 product varieties partitioned in a single container.

Examples of cargo handled: aquatic products, meat, frozen vegetables, exported Japanese foods, and more

Large and special cargo / We don't like to say “we can't”

Strengths of UNI-X NCT

  • Ohi Open Storage Rokko CFS
    Work sites located near the port;
    safe and fast!
    Tokyo Ohi Open Storage is about 3 minutes from Ohi Container Terminal. Kobe Rokko CFS is about 3 minutes from Rokko Container Terminal.
  • Ohi Open Storage Rokko CFS
    We also can handle special cargo
    We have loading equipment in place capable of handling large and special cargo, including 70t cranes and 28t forklifts.
  • Ohi Open Storage Rokko CFS
    Experience handling a variety of cargo
    Yachts, coils, classic cars, aircraft flight simulators, plastic bottle molding machines, and moreTrack record to date

We are experts at handling large cargo that cannot be vanned and devanned easily with pallets, cartons or other means, and heavy cargo, long cargo, and special cargo that cannot fit in a container.

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  • General/Oversize Cargo Logistics
  • Stevedoring
  • Bonded Warehouse
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